Divemaster Caribbean
  • Roatan’s number one dive center  in terms of:
    • More Instructors trained by us than any other Roatan Dive Operation 
    • Trip Advisor’s number one ranked dive operation more often than not.
    • The only West End IDC center, you won't have to get on a bus to and from our training facility!
    • Unsurpassed commitment to environmental protection. Our staff were the founding directors of Roatan Marine Park.
    • Pro Accommodation in a secure fenced compound with onsite pool and Bar Retauarant, just 4 mins walk from the Dive center.
  • Roatan’s best location
  • Located on a white sandy beach with perfect confined water conditions on our doorstep, and beautiful Open Water sites just minutes away on our large comfortable boats
  • Small class sizes, four is average number of candidates on an IDC this means shorter days and more personal attention you will find with many other bigger IDC centers
  • More PADI Pros currently employed on Roatan are trained by Coconut Tree Divers than anyone else.
  • Perfectly located in the center of West End with all the facilities it has to offer, restaurants, hotels, grocery shopping and bars all just two minutes walk. Giving more choice on where to stay and where to eat than any other Instructor development center
  • Nearby international airport with regular flights direct to Atlanta (with Delta Airlines) and Houston (with Continental and TACA), making it the easiest IDC center to reach in the Bay Islands
  • Discount should you choose to continue your training to instructor level.
Divemaster interns loading the morning the dive boat


The average divemaster intern spends nine weeks and log over 100 dives with Coconut Tree Divers! All for one unbelievable price!

The PADI Divemaster internship that may well change your life as it did for me! PADI Divemaster course develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist PADI instructors with student divers. It is a vital stepping stone along the path to open water scuba instructor. Your Divemaster internship on Roatan should be one of the best times of your life. Not only because you are doing lots of diving in a beautiful tropical location steps from or on the beach, but because of the awesome array of people you will have the opportunity to meet and work with. Whilst there are naturally serious aspects to the course there is a huge focus on FUN. Since most people dive for fun you need to develop skills that ensure the safety of your divers without taking away the fun.

The PADI Divemaster internship is the first step in to the ranks of PADI Pros.  The divemaster internship sets the foundation upon which you build a career.  You will learn more on this course than any other.  The divemaster internship changes your dive experience and skills to those that are expected of a PADI Pro.  It also takes your knowledge to a professional level, through self study and mentoring from a PADI Instructor, Staff Instructor and Course Director. The better taught your divemaster course is, the more fruitful your diving career is likely to be. Take your time in deciding where to do your Divemaster internship in Roatan, its an important decision.




At Coconut Tree Divers we firmly believe that a divemaster internship cannot be taught to the standards we aim to achieve in less than six weeks.  There are many shorter divemaster courses available, and that is not to say they are taught wrong, just differently.  Our course is a true internship; you pay a very low price for the course, in return for putting in a very high degree of hard work and effort.  We do not assign instructors to be at the beck and call of divemaster interns who need to get training segments done because they are on a tight timescale.  This is one of the ways we keep the price of the divemaster internship as low as it is. You will be assisting instructors who are earning their wages by leading dives or teaching classes, not by taking time out of their busy schedules to rush you through your training.  Learning 'on the job' is the best and the most effective way, with six weeks to play with, your course will evolve naturally without the need to use simulation to get people through the course in time.  Simply put you will work with real students, assisting on real courses and rarely ever have to resort to less realistic role playing scenarios.



William Welbourn, PADI Course Director


We do have two course directors on staff, one of which is on the island full time.  These course directors will be responsible for scheduling the interns and ensuring the experience they get is varied and challenging.  They will also be conducting some of the training segments such as divemaster conducted programs, skill development sessions, knowledge development lectures and briefing exercises.

What's a typical day like?

We start the day 8am, a lot of good Honduran coffee is drunk between 8am and 9am! Other than drinking coffee we will be put the final polish on our planning the day’s activities, getting the morning two tank trip out (tanking the boat, equipping customers and making sure the safety equipment is working and on board) 2-3 Divemaster interns will normally be helping on this trip.

After the two tank trip leaves the students start to arrive, we need to organize them with either classroom or confined water activities. There is also usually a few things left to sort out from the morning rush. 2-3 interns will be assisting on these classes. These students will usually be going out on the two afternoon boats.



Scuba cylinders ready to go


The two tank trip returns between 12pm and 12.30pm, we have to get the tanks off the boat and reload with tanks for the 1pm one tank trip. We also need to make sure the equipment comes off the morning boat is rinsed and hung to dry, divemaster interns assist customers, they don't do it for them!

Customers will also be needing help getting equipment and getting on to the 1pm boat.  There will be 2-3 divemaster interns on this boat and they will help the outgoing divers while the divemaster interns on the morning boat help the incoming divers. If students are on the boat the interns assisting that particular course will be assisting them.

The next boat switch is 2.30 when the boat comes back from the 1pm dive for fast turnaround. Tanks on and off, with a few customer switches to take care of.

4pm sees the last boat return (unless there is a night dive of course!) now is the time to get the gear away and relax on the deck socializing with new found friends over a cool beer.

This schedule looks busy with just one boat we running, we regularly have to run more than one.  In addition to all this there is study to do, tanks to fill and many other things going around the shop.  To sum up a day in life of the Coconut Tree Divers Divemaster Internship, there is a lot of laughs, a lot of bubbles, a lot to learn, and a whole load of new found friends to share the fun with.

apres dive