Roatan Divemaster

The PADI Divemaster internship officially starts after you have become a Rescue diver with CPR training in the last 24 months and have logged 40 Dives.

You will need a PADI medical form signed by a doctor. It only costs $25 to have it signed in Roatan,so you may want to wait until you get here.

If you have not logged 40 dives when you are ready to start the internship no problem.  Your internship will start with loads of dives until you have hit the magic 40.  If it is a while since you have been diving we may even refresh your skills by having you join in with some courses as well, all included in the price!

If you have never even dived before or have just done your open water our price calculator is easy to use and shows you course by course what will need to do to become a PADI divemaster, quoting you the total cost for all courses, up to and including the DM course, just enter your current cert level and desired qualification, its that easy!

Once you have checked the price you can use the reserve now button to reserve a spot on the course using PAYPAL to pay a $100 deposit to confirm your place.  If you want to reserve accommodation, you can even to that as well.