Roatan Tec Team are the only full time providers of technical diving services on the Island of Roatan, Honduras. Offering all PADI Tec Rec courses including instructor level training.

As Technical diving grows in popularity so too will Roatan's place on diving’s world map. Technical diving enthusiasts will love the deep walls and warm calm conditions which make deco stops a joy, rather than a chore, add to this the availability of Trimix and a deep wreck, the "Josie Jay" and you have the perfect Tec destination.

Roatan Tec Team will offers Tec training in both the back mounted doubles configuration or side mount. Whether you choose back mount or side mount we have full sets of well maintained rental equipment available should you be training with us or if you are a trained Tec diver wanting  to  enjoy Roatan's deep walls and wrecks.

Roatan Tec Team currently have two full time instructors, PADI Course Director William Welbourn has lived full time on Roatan for over 7 years and started Tec diving in 2005. He is a gold course director and was also responsible for establishing the Roatan Marine Park.

Monty Graham  is a Trimix instructor with extensive experience in commercial diving before switching over to recreational instruction. Monty's greatest passion is developing new side mount configurations.

As Full time instructors we log 100s of dives a year and have made a career out training divers of all levels, it is this depth of experience that we believe set our tec training apart from others.

As a Diverite dealership Roatan Tec Team can also offer a full line of technical equipment on the island of Roatan.